Dienstauszeichnungen Der NSDAP

Hitler  Created  a series of  three  awards  n 20th  April 1939 Know as  the Nazi party  long service  awards. To quality   for  an  award  you  had  to have served  a  requisite number of  years  in a  relevant  NSDAP organisation.  These included, SA, SS, NSKK, NSFK, NSBO, NSKOV, DAF,  HJ, BDM  and  the  korps of political leaders. The   first  awards  were  presented  in  1949  but  were  backdated,  for  example  service  before  1933   was  counted  as  double  the  years. Using this  method it  was possible  to earn  the  25 year medal  despite  the party only  been in power  since  1933.  Despite Hitler youth  and Bund  Deutsche maiden members been  eligible  it  was only  awarded  to adult members.

The   award itself  comprised of a bronze  cross  for  10 years, a silver and blue enamel cross  for 15 years and a white  and gold  enamel for  25 years  service. The  cross  was made in  three  parts with a separate eagle  and  swastika  to the  front and  the legend Treue Fur Fuhrer und  volk (loyal leader  to the people) on  the  reverse. A length of  ribbon  was  attached  by the usual  loop arrangement.  These  awards  were unmarked  but  the main manufacturer is  know  to be Wilhelm Deumer (RZM code M1/120) of  Ludenscheid .  A well know  manufacture  of awards  and badges.

I  consider this  to  be  a very  attractive  award  and often overlooked.  Below  is a  10 years  award   from my own collection. A  late issue  example.  These  are  quite  common and  (to be  expected) with the  15  and  25  years  much  rarer.

NSDAP 10 year long service award

View our reproduction 10 year long service award here..