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D-ring belt loop
01 .
D-ring belt loop

German Jack boots
02 .
German Jack boots

Trouser braces
03 .
Trouser braces

German Army Breadbag
04 .
German Army Breadbag

Canvas Gaiters
05 .
Canvas Gaiters

German army wool socks
06 .
German army wool socks

German low boots
07 .
German low boots

Zeltbann Pegs
08 .
Zeltbann Pegs

German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn
09 .
German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn

10 .

Field Gear

WW2 german army field gear. Quality reproduction items.

  Product Name  Price  Buy Now 
German Army wool gloves  German Army wool gloves 
WW2 German army wool gloves. Essential item for the reenactor. Three white...
£12.99  Buy Now 
German army wool socks  German army wool socks 
WW2 German Army Wool socks with white size bands. Two for medium three for...
£11.95  Buy Now 
German Army Torque  German Army Torque 
German Army Torque. keep your head warm!
£9.99  Buy Now 
German low boots  German low boots 
German Army Low Boots. Great quality roughed out leather low boots. Leathe...
£74.99  Buy Now 
German Jack boots  German Jack boots 
All leather German Jack boots. These are NOT are post war jackboots but ne...
£85.00  Buy Now 
German Army Bread Bag /Superior  German Army Bread Bag /Superior 
WW2 German army bread bag /Superior quality. Great looking fabric and colo...
£19.99  Buy Now 
German Army Breadbag  German Army Breadbag 
Well made canvas breadbag with correct fittings offering great value.
£14.99  Buy Now 
Luftwaffe Breadbag  Luftwaffe Breadbag 
Luftwaffe Breadbag in blue canvas. Correct fittings and good colour. Perfe...
£14.99  Buy Now 
Tan canvas bread bag  Tan canvas bread bag 
Afrika Korps bread bag. Very accurate copy in tan canvas. This item was al...
£14.99  Buy Now 
Bread bag strap  Bread bag strap 
Bread bag strap. Very useful as a sling.
£7.99  Buy Now 
Aluminium water bottle  Aluminium water bottle 
German army aluminium water bottle. Perfect repro you can drink from.
£19.99  Buy Now 
Aluminium cup  Aluminium cup 
 Aluminium cup to fit water bottle
£8.99  Buy Now 
German WW2 water bottle strap  German WW2 water bottle strap 
German WW2 water bottle strap
£9.95  Buy Now 
Gas Mask Cannister with strap  Gas Mask Cannister with strap 
German Army Gas Mask Cannister. Very good reproduction of this unique item...
£29.99  Buy Now 
German Army Map Case  German Army Map Case 
German Army Map Case. Made from 100% leather with pebbled finish. NOT post...
£35.99  Buy Now 
German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn  German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn 
German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn. Quality `Splinter` pattern Zeltbahn. Importe...
£45.00  Buy Now 
Spoon and Fork set  Spoon and Fork set 
Spoon and Fork set. Essential piece of kit. Aluminium.
£5.99  Buy Now 
Canvas D-Ring  Canvas D-Ring 
Canvas D-Ring. Suitable for tropical troops and late war Waffen SS.
£2.50  Buy Now 
D-ring belt loop  D-ring belt loop 
 D-ring belt loop. Tough black leather. Correct `D` ring shape.
£2.40  Buy Now 
Zeltbann Pegs  Zeltbann Pegs 
Zeltbann peg with rope. Aluminium Reproductions of the pre/early war zeltbann...
£4.49  Buy Now 
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