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Best Sellers

German Army Belt Hooks
01 .
German Army Belt Hooks

D-ring belt loop
02 .
D-ring belt loop

German Jack boots
03 .
German Jack boots

OUT OF STOCK Trouser braces
04 .
OUT OF STOCK Trouser braces

German Army Breadbag
05 .
German Army Breadbag

OUT OF STOCK Canvas Gaiters
06 .
OUT OF STOCK Canvas Gaiters

German army wool socks
07 .
German army wool socks

German low boots
08 .
German low boots

Zeltbann Pegs 2x
09 .
Zeltbann Pegs 2x

German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn
10 .
German WW2 Splinter Zeltbahn

Field Gear

WW2 german army field gear. Quality reproduction items.

  Product Name  Price  Buy Now 
D-ring belt loop  D-ring belt loop 
 D-ring belt loop. Tough black leather. Correct `D` ring shape.
£2.40  Buy Now 
Zeltbann Pegs 2x  Zeltbann Pegs 2x 
Two Zeltbann pegs . Aluminium early war zeltbann pegs. Crucial item for the r...
£8.95  Buy Now 
Dog Tag  Dog Tag 
Nice matt metal German army dog tag
£4.99  Buy Now 
A-Frame  A-Frame 
Assault frame. Super quality at a sensible price. Canvas frame with leathe...
£24.95  Buy Now 
A-frame bag  A-frame bag 
A-frame bag in cotton. Top quality cotton fabric in a great colour. Comple...
£9.99  Buy Now 
OUT OF STOCK Trouser braces  OUT OF STOCK Trouser braces 
Postwar German army trousers braces. Almost the same as WW2 issue, will fi...
£8.99  Buy Now 
Canvas Gaiters/Superior  Canvas Gaiters/Superior 
Canvas Gaiters/Superior quality. The regular gaiters we and(others) sell are ...
£15.99  Buy Now 
OUT OF STOCK Canvas Gaiters  OUT OF STOCK Canvas Gaiters 
Accurate reproduction of the German mid/late war gaiters. Tough canvas gai...
£12.99  Buy Now 
Feldgendarmerie Gorget  Feldgendarmerie Gorget 
Heer Feldgendarmerie Gorget. Multi piece metal construction with correct s...
£29.99  Buy Now 
E-tool cover/folding  E-tool cover/folding 
Black leather cover for folding entrenching tool. Includes bayonet holder....
£18.99  Buy Now 
E-Tool cover/straight  E-Tool cover/straight 
Black Leather cover for straight entrenching tool. Very tough construction.
£17.99  Buy Now 
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