Music of the Waffen SS CD

We are proud to offer our 2nd  self published CD. Militaria Net designed and produced this fantastic collection of Waffen SS Music and audio performed by various SS Musickorps bands. All the tracks have being professionally remastered and published on a unique period style` shellac` CD. (Note it is a normal CD and plays on all CD/DVD players).

Contains many well know songs, including  Das  Schwarzekorps,  SS Parademarsch and Edelweiss, but also lesser known very rare pieces. Track 16 for example is a med of three songs performed we believe in Oslo. Its a raw performance  with a very live slightly  ramshackle feel. Also of note  is track 13  with its Introduction by  RFSS H Himmler and  track 19.  A  radio broadcast mixed  with songs  and audio. It is a varied mix of marches, solders songs and audio.. Another high quality product from Militaria Net.