3rd Reich Daggers

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3rd Reich Dagger.s nazi daggers for sale. NSDAP knives and edged weapons. . We stock a wide range of WW2 and pre war third reich daggers. All items are reproduction. We have a range of items including, ss,hitler youth and luftwaffe.Also SA honour dagger and ss chained officers dagger fro sale fro militaria net uk. ss long service ,civil service knives. All heer, ss, Luftwaffe,kriegsmarine, SA,Nskk,Hitler youth, BDM and political and civil defense items are available.

Because we offer a full range of imitation daggers and blades you need look no further. So Hitlers third reich produced a large amount of designs and regalia. Here at militaria net we aim to offer as many as possible for the collector, film, tv and theaters. We have been in business since 2002 and are the leaders in reproduction German militaira.

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