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3rd Reich Music and cds, audio recording from nazi germany. Third Reich Nazi songs from WW2 and the Third Reich. We stock a wide range of WW2 and pre war third reich songs. All songs are reproduction from original recordings. We also have for slae German combat newsreels DVDs.

Because cd`s music are no longer popular we still want to provide physical copies. So we offer a range of music and German marching cds`s including,music of the hitler youth. So note this cd contains the most famous german panzer song, panzerlied.

All heer, ss, Luftwaffe,kriegsmarine, SA, and Nskk songs are available. A full range of famous marching music.. Hitlers third reich produced a large amount of music. Here at militaria net we aim to offer as many as possible for the collector, film, tv and theatres. We have been in business since 2002 and are the leaders in reproduction german militaira. our range of songs include, erika, horst wessel lied, das badenweiler, and vorwarts vorwarts.

Alte kameraden song is for sale from militaira-net. German solider songs, nazi folk songs and volkisch songs for sale. All come in quality covers.Hitlerjugend songs and waffen ss cds.

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