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Award & Medal Boxes. Quality Leatherette boxes and cases for 3rd Reich awards, Nazi badges and medals. All our boxes are good quality hand made items. We have a range of Third Reich boxes and cases that are made in England to a very high standard, these are marked as Sonnderklasse.

Third Reich Nazi NSDAP badges medals and awards box`s. We stock a wide range of WW2 and pre war third reich boxes. All items are reproduction. We also have a range of items so you can box your iron cross 1st class or knights cross of the iron cross. And you can box your ek 2nd class, . NSDAP long service medals and ss long service medal. We offer a range of
blue generic boxes so you can box your luftwaffe badges. We sell a range to suit navy war badges. All heer, ss, Luftwaffe,kriegsmarine, SA and political and cival defence items are available.

Nazi golden party badges large and small size box. Spanish cross
award box in green. All come with size inches of quality ribbon. Also German cross in gold and silver. Afrika campaign medal, blood order or Blut orden brown box fro sale from militaira-net German star of the iron cross. DRL in bronze and silver with maker marks and correct pins.1939 spange, Spanish cross with diamonds.

So we sell two types of SS boxes. The first for the 4 and 8 year medal. the other for the 12 and 25 year SS long service award.

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