German Grenades

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German  stick Grenades, also  german  egg  grenades.M24,M43 and smoke grenades made from multi piece metal and wool, fuse and sting pull included. Used by all German army and waffen ss units in ww2.

the Stielhandgranate is German for stick hand grenade. A German hand grenade is distinguished by its wooden handle. It was a standard grenade for the German Empire during World War I. Because of the Versailles treaty the grenades continued into Nazi Germany. The Wehrmacht used basically the
same during World War II.

Its distinctive appearance led to it being called a “stick grenade”, or “potato masher” in British Army slang.It still remains one of the most easily recognized infantry weapons of the 20th century. Other version include smoke grenade and the lat e war M43 stick grenade. All reproduction for sale.

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