WW2 German Helmet Decals

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WW2 German Helmet Decals.for sale decals helmet stickers M34, M40, M38 steel helmets. But do not panic we offer a full range of nazi helmet insignia Luftwaffe, hitler youth and Kriegsmarine. Also SS-VT and late war SS block runes and swastika national emblem. for sale NSKK and DRK decs. Early SS AdolfHitler Liebstandarte SS decals. Our German navy decals coemin a set of Gold natioanl eagle and tri colour shield.

WWFor sale Afrika Korps palm tree helemt decals. The Deutsches Afrika Korps (also Afrika Korps or DAK) was the expeditionary force of the Wehrmacht in nothern afrika. We offer the luftwaffe the early eagle version too with drop tail

So you may want the correct declas for your helmet. Please let
us know. We are WW2 German experts

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