WW2 German Helmets & Covers

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WW2 German Helmets & Covers. M40 helmet with decals for Heer and waffen SS. Parartroopers helmets with splinter cover, oakleaf, planetree helmet covers. For sale are M40 Double decal SS helmet. Also we sell Heer double decal M40 helmet in combat finish. Comes with liner and leather chinstrap. fallschirmjager helmet with liner. Because we sell the full rnage no need to shop round. Because we are experts in WW2 German militaira and field equipment we can provide what the customer needs. We have vast knowledge of the different helmet camouflage patterns,

The “Plane Tree” patterns are among the most common for covers. Numbered Planetree Patterns appear on many helmets .There are three unique designs in this camo group. Numbers define the patterns and are incorporated in the patterns. 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6. All have a different series of patches, and blobs, and spots , and each uses a slightly different color palette.
M42 Oakleaf helmet covers are fully reversible from summer to autumn colour, with foliage loops and rocker clips. the Wh versions were reversible to white with a drawstring

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