WW2 German Side caps

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WW2 German Side caps. enlisted mans and officers M34, M40, M38 wool overseas cap and waffen ss. Luftwaffe, panzer officers, Kriegsmarine and Generals.

WW2 German overseas Caps. Wool and officers field caps. For Heer, waffen ss, panzer, luftwaffe and kriegsmarine. Officers and enlisted mans with insignia. For sale Afrika Korps officers side cap, tropical DAK caps asewll. The Deutsches Afrika Korps (also Afrika Korps or DAK) was the expeditionary force of the Wehrmacht in nothern afrika. We offer the luftwaffe tropical overseas cap as the SS tropical side cap. Tan or khaki coloured caps were worn with a cotton twill liner for an. The tan colour often faded to white. we offer EREL reproduction kriegsmarine officers side caps to high standards. complete with gold piping and old bullion eagle.

So you may want the insignia no problem we sew it on too. Our female helferin side caps come with adler and blitzen badges. Also SS helfein caps in black come with the Nazi SS eagle.

second world war Panzer side caps come with pink waffenfarbe but because customers often want recon we provide golden yellow soutache too.

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