German Insignia

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WW2 German army. Heer and SS,field police, afrika korps and Luftwaffe available. Because Militaira Net are market leaders we can offer a comprehensive range of NSDAP era Insignia. Heer Panzer insignia and badges. Its easy to say this but since 2002 we have a well earned reputation as offering the finest most accurate reproductions on the market. There are many manufactures making these but most if not all we have seen are sub standard. We have worked closely with all our suppliers to get the highest level of accuracy for all our WW2 German army, Heer, Gebirgsjager,field police, afrika korps and Heer Panzer ,Kriegsmarine, SD, NSKK, BDM, Luftwaffe, Feldgendarmerie and Hitler youth insignia and badges. We offer collar tabs, cuff titles and sleeve eagles. Also SS cap badges and insignia, totenkopf, ss diamonds, and SS trade badges for sale.

So do not panic you have arrived at your one stop shop