German Camo

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German camo. ww2 german army and ss camouflage uniforms, tunics, trousers and smocks. great range of splinter pattern,ss oakleaf,ss planetree and palmtree smocks, italian jackets and trousers, herman meyer 4 pocket peadot tunic, ss dot trousers. italian camo tankers overalls, trousers and herman meyer four pocket tunic. nazi Field Uniforms. WW2 german uniforms. Nazi uniforms from the third reich period. German army/Heer, SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, uboat, Panzer, afrikakorps, field grey M36 tunics, M40 tunics, M43 tunics, jump trousers. greatcoats, leather trenchcoat, panzer wraps and trousers. oakleaf a pattern helmet covers, blurred edge ss smock and matching helmet cover with rocker clips, reversible smocks autumn to summer pattern. Splinter b luftwaffe jump smock for german paratroopers.

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