German Officers Uniforms

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WW2  Nazi German Officers Uniforms, SS, Heer ,Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine. panzer. German Field Uniforms. WW2 german uniforms. Nazi uniforms from the third reich period. German army/Heer, SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, uboat, Panzer, afrikakorps, field grey M36 tunics, M40 tunics, M43 tunics, jump trousers. greatcoats, leather trenchcoat, panzer wraps and trousers. Stonegrey breeches and SS Officers uniform. Allgemeine black jacket and black breeches. We offer high quality reproduction nazi uniforms for film tv and reenactment purposes. All are made to to historical standards using field grey feldgrau wool and gabardine fabrics. Our M32 black ss tunics use fine grade black wool with pinstripe liner. Also we supply all the trousers and breeches required to finish your WW2 axis uniform. M36, M40 and M43 uniforms. HBT summer uniforms.

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