WW2 German Winter clothing

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WW2 German Winter clothing. WW2 German Winter clothing. Also we sell M40 Wool greatcoats. Splinter parkas, mouse Grey parkas for Heer and SS parkas. Germany army greatcoats in wool. Splinter fully reversible parks to white. so our Splinter A pattern for German army units are hight quality. Grey parks for SS early war units. For sale M40 fieldgrey or feldgrau greatcoats. also tenchcoats for SS.

Gebirgsjäger were light infantry and part of the alpine or mountain troops (​Gebirgstruppe) of the Germany army. so Both Heer an SS units were involved in many operation. Special clothing was worn for cold weather. because Militaria Net sell Gebirgsjager wind jackets and anoraks you dotn need to shop around. mouse grey and tan colours available. these jackets are reversible to white and provided camo for winter conditions, but note these are not fully arctic ready.

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