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W2 German metal cap insignia and badges.Third Reich Nazi NSDAP cap badges and enamel pin badges and pins. We stock a wide range of WW2 and pre war third reich cap insignia. All items are reproduction. We have a range of items including, nazi party badges, ss badge, totenkopf enamel. All heer, ss, Luftwaffe,kriegsmarine, SA,Nskk,Hitler youth, BDM and political and cival defence items are available. A full range of imitation badges. Hitlers third reich produced a large amount of designs and regalia.

Because here at militaria net we aim to offer as many as possible for the collector, film, tv and theatres. We have been in business since 2002 and are the leaders in reproduction german militaira. our political range of cap badges include Luftschutz air,defense, and wide range of civil organsiation badges. our ss range includes runic, fm, totenkopf and gestapo items. also tinnies,warrant discs and waffen ss tie pins, many divisions, quality reproduction remakes, die cast or die stamped like originals, class and 1st class, rare items. cap eagles and skull include german navy gold eagle with two prongs. silver heer cap eagle hollow back. Also German cross in gold and silver. maker marks and correct pins.1939 adolf hilter 19 33 pin, KDF cornerstone badges Hitlerjugend or hitler youth diamond pin red and blue for marines.

So if your looking for HJ 1st pattern with sun wheel swastika, you
are luckly.Becasue here at Militaira Net Kriegsmarine and luftwaffe breast eagle are available. Adler in silver and gld version. with correct pin. Afikakorp palm tree pin. SA proficiency badge. Edelweiss cap insignia. NSDAP Golden party badge, full size and civilian small size

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