1939 Iron Cross 2nd class

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1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with ribbon. A good quality WW2 reproduction . Die cast with 6″ ribbon



1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class. Die cast with 6″ ribbon. A  good quality reproduction Eisernes Kreuz or EK2. The 2nd class  grade  was  the lowest of  the  four grades introduced in 1939. It  was awarded for  courage or  exemplary conduct. It  was not intended to be worn on the tunic unless  for  parades. Instead  a tri coloured ribbon  was worn through the  2nd button hole.  Originals  were made from three  pieces, an expensive manufacturing process.  Most  reproductions (including  this one)  are  single stamping. A   very good  reproduction  at  an affordable  prices. originals  keep going  up in  value.


The 1939 Iron Cross 2nd  ( Eisernes Kreuz ) was introduced 1st sept  1939 following the beginning of the  second  world  war. Three  grades  were issued,  2nd  class, 1st  class  and  The Knights  cross  of  the Iron  cross. The  latter  cross  was   of  a larger  size 44mm  and worn  round  the neck with  a wider  ribbon.  The  1939 Ribbon was  red  white  and black.

The  Iron cross was  first Introduced   in  1813  by Fredrich Wilhelm 111 of Prussia during the Napoleonic wars. It was  reinstated as  a German  award  rather  than just  Prussian in 1870,1914  and during  the  Third  Reich from 1939. The roots  of  the Iron  cross  can be traced  back to the Teutonic knight order 1190 AD.  The very  earliest example  of  a  Teutonic cross can be  traced  to  the  1300§`s  and appeared on coins in various  cities Later  Heraldic neck  cross were   worn around the 1600`s with pin back crosses  appearing in the 1800,s. All these  inspired  the later  design of the iron cross we  are familiar  with today.   Early  neck  crosses  were  worn over  dark  clothing  with  white  enamel borders  to  make the  cross visible.  As  stated early  the  first  award  was instituted in 1813  followed  again in 1870, 1914, 1939  and finally  1957.

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