Allgemeine SS officers cap

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Allgemeine SS officers cap. Black ss officers cap with metal insignia, leather sweatband and silver chinstrap.
Other companies sell officers caps in wool this is NOT correct. German Officers cap were only ever made from gabardine or doeskin fabric

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Allgemeine SS officers cap. A very good quality affordable black SS officers hat. Come  with  with metal insignia, comprising   the Nazi SS  eagle  and  SS totenkopf( deaths head).  Also leather sweatband and silver chinstrap.

Allgemeine SS officers cap. Historical information

The  first black SS  cap  was introduced in1932 for officers  NCO`s and  enlisted  men. The   design  was  a black smooth  twill top with  black  band and white piping. Officers  would come  with  a silver bullion  wire  chinstrap, other  ranks  would have  a leather  chinstrap joined  in  the  middle.  SS Officers  would  have silver pebbled  buttons  and other  ranks Black metal buttons. The  first  version  was without  an internal  stiffener  so had a  crushed  appearance.  After  1934   a  celluloid sweatshield  was included. This included a burnt orange colour set of  SS  runes. It  allowed  the  owners  a space  to write his details in. Also  a wire  stiffener  was  added but often  removed. These   caps  were  saddle  shaped  for  officers  and plate  shaped  for  other  ranks. Note  the  early  pattern had the  1st pattern  SS metal  cap insignia. These  early issue  caps  had  a smooth leather  peak which  was  replaced  in 34/35  with a Black vulkanfiber peak .

The  final  issue  was  the M36 which  featured  the new 2nd pattern metal  insignia.  These comprised of  a large  eagle  and  the  grinning  totenkopf  with lower jaw. Early badges  were stamped  from brass  with  a coating of silver. later examples  were aluminium and sometimes  privately  purchased .800 silver badges. The  white summer  version  of  the  SS  visor  cap  was introduced in 1939  for  both  officers and other  ranks.

  • black wool band,
  • white piping
  • silver bullion wire chinstrap,
  • silver pebbled buttons
  • black plastic peak.
  • Leather  sweatband


refs: Kit  Wilson- SS Headgear.  a collectors  guide

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