German Army Heer Soldbuch


German Army Heer Soldbuch or pay book, correct in every detail.



German Army Heer Soldbuch. An exact copy of the WW2 German army soldiers pay book, correct in every detail.

Heer Soldbuch. (Zugleich Personalausweis – Pay Book and Personnel Identification). Reproduction WW2 German pay book for members of the Heer. Every page  of  the  original  is  reproduced in accurate detail. Personel information,  medical records,  awards, training,  etc.

The German Soldbuch was a small book  carried by all members  of  the  Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and  Waffen SS. It was a means of Identification and personnel record.  It  was  carried at all times  and  was needed to be presented on request.

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