German RAD Labour Corps Cap Badge `Sonnderklasse`

£ 12.95

Third Reich RAD Labour Corps Cap Badge. Cast from an original die and made using original tools. Maker marks to the reverse. This item is part of our `Sonnderklasse` special quality range of badges. Simply you cant buy better.


Third Reich RAD Labour Corps Cap Badge. The German RAD or ‘Reichsarbeitsdienst’ was created in 1933 as a National Labour service. It helped reduce the excessive unemployment still present in the early 1930`s Germany.

SONNDERKLASSE `special quality`
All sonnderklasse badges are made in Europe. Many of these badges are made using the original dies (or remakes of them) and tools which were bought from the factories when they closed, mostly in the 1960`s and 70`s. Even some of the original flaws have being preserved to gain the highest level of authenticity. The old metals like nickel and zinc and kriegsmetal are not really possible to recreate so metals of similar properties and weights are used. All pins and catches are accurate for each badge and made using the original tools. They are also very strong. These are museum quality reproductions as close to an original as you can get for a fraction of the price.

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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 1 cm