Nazi Armband in cotton

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Good quality NSDAP(Nazi) Armband in cotton. Multi piece construction.



Nazi Armband in cotton. Good quality NSDAP Armband. Multi piece construction.

Historical Information.

The Swastika is a very ancient symbol and was already in use in Germany before Hitler came to power. It was used to symbolize victory and national struggle. The Colours black white and red were chosen to connect with the imperial German colours. On the official formation of the NSDAP Adolf Hitler decided that the NSDAP Party needed its own flag. Hitler apparently designed the new flag mostly to be effective as a poster. In August 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, this Red black and white swastika flag became the official emblem of the  National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI Party). It has since been possibly the most recognized flag in history.

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 0.75 cm


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