Nazi party flag in cotton- 3`x 2`

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Nazi party flag. NSDAP swastika Flag in cotton size 2`x 3`.



NSDAP Flag in cotton size 2`x 3`. Good quality Nazi swastika party flag suitable for display.

Historical Information.

The Swastika is a very ancient symbol and was already in use in Germany before Hitler came to power. It was used to symbolize victory and national struggle. The Colours black white and red were chosen to connect with the imperial German Flag. On the official formation of the NSDAP Adolf Hitler decided that the NSDAP Party needed its own flag. Hitler apparently designed the new flag mostly to be effective as a poster. In August 1920, at the Salzburg Congress, this Red black and white swastika flag became the official emblem of the  National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI Party). It has since been possibly the most recognized flag in history.   Nazi  flags   came in many  shapes  and sizes. The  early  flags  were slightly crude often with a thin  swastika.  Later  the  design  became standardized  with  a  thicker design.  The  flags  also had  a military  purpose  as  vehicle  recognition  flag. These  were placed  on  top of  trucks  tanks and even motorbike and sidecars. This  prevented  the  Luftwaffe  from accidentally attacking  there own troops.  Other uses  were  mostly  political   with  huge  banners  flying  from  state  buildings  and podium banners  been  enormous  lengths. From the  end  of  the  war  to today    original  flags  are  very collectible.

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