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Post war production. Militaria net are proud to offer these RUDOLF SOUVAL medals and badges. We have access to the last of the firms stock (which ceased trading in 2003). Made using the original dies and tools in the 1990`s. These are the next best thing to an original. Highly collectible now for many years. See longer description below for more information. Kriegsmarine E-Boat Badge 2nd pattern Early 1970`s production.


Rudolf Souval was born in Vienna, Austria in 1819. His workshop was based in Straße der Julikämpfer 23 in Vienna. After Souval died in 1899 the firm was taken over by Mr. Ludwig Umlauf and his wife who continued to produce awards under the Souval name. The company continued to produce awards after the end of the Second World War. These came onto the collectors market as original because they the same dies and tools were used. The give away was the catch which was very distinctive and different from any WW2 production.

The Kriegsmarine E-Boat Badge 2nd pattern we have on offer is from Souvals early 1970`s production.. These were made from better materials than some of the subsequent batches. Highly collectible in there own right these are as close to an original as you can get.

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