SA collar tabs

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SA collar tabs. Sturmabteilung or stormtroopers brown shirt collar tabs, for ordinary ranks. White thread on black (Berlin Gau)


SA collar tabs.

SA collar tabs. Worn on  the stormtroopers brown shirts collar tabs, for ordinary ranks. White thread on black for Berlin Gau.  The  first colour insignia  was introduced in 1927  when  colored  collar patches  were issued.  The  right  tab  showed  the  wearers  service  unit  and  the left  his  rank. The  colour  identified  the  wearers   SA  distinct.

The  SA  Brown shirts Sturmabteilung. Historical Information.

The  SA   stormtroopers Sturmabteilung was essentially the paramilitary wing of the NSDAP.  They  offered   security   at early  Nazi meeting  when  groups  of  communists  agitators would regularly try and  break up gatherings  with  violence.  So a  Strong force was needed  to protect  these meetings.  They  became hardened street  fighters  with many  dying in  violent  street clashes.  Horst  Wessel  became  the  most  famous  SA  Martyr. The  famous song  “Die Fahne hoch” (“Raise the Flag”, lit. ‘”The Flag High”‘), was the anthem of the NSDAP.


The SA uniform originated  by  chance  when  a surplus  stock of  tropical/colonial shirts  was  found in Austria.  These were quickly utilized as   a uniform. The  brown shirts`  were  born. Matching  Brown  wool or  cotton breeches  completed  the outfit.  A  multi piece  wool Swastika armband was  worn on  the  left sleeve.  Rank  and Gau insignia is  a confusing  mix   with constant changes  and updates. However  the  kepi  trim  is  quite  easy to follow  and depicts  certain  regions (GAU) which  the  Gruppen (divisions) belonged to. Other  Gau`s  included   red  for Munich  and  turquoise  for  Hamburg.

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