Schiff Ahoi..! Songs of Zarah Leander

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The Songs of Zarah Leander 1936-1943



Ship Ahoy!
The Songs of Zarah Leander 1936-1943
The Berlin suburb of Babelsburg was home to Germany’s pre-war ‘Hollywood’ and its leading production company Universum Film AG (Ufa) which, at its height was producing some 500 films a year. With the advent of the Third Reich in 1933 Ufa came under increasing state control and by 1942 was wholly Reich owned with the most popular female star on its books being the popular Swedish singer & actress Zarah Leander who, born, Zarah Stina Heberg in Karlstad in 1907, had originally been a star of Sweden’s ‘silver screen’ in the early 30s.

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