SS Das Reich BeVo cuff title

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Great quality woven `Das Reich`cuff title with `Bevo wuppertal` mark.



SS Das Reich BeVo cuff title

Great quality woven Waffen  SS  2nd `Das Reich`cuff title with `Bevo wuppertal` mark.

The  2nd  SS  Panzer  division  Das   Reich  were  an elite  formation with its  origins in  the  SS-Verfugungstruppe units.  These   regiments  formed  in  the mid  1930`s ,Deutschland, Germania and Der fuhrer  would form  the  cadre of  the future  Das   Reich  Division. These  regiment   saw   action during  the invasion of poland.  Following  this  there  were involved in  the western  offensive in France. During  a   refit  in  December 1940 Himmler   renamed  the  division,  SS Division  Reich. 

Following   action in Yugoslavia   they  formed  part  of  the  force lining  the borders  of  the  soviet union  ready for  operation  barabarossa.  It was on  the  eastern  front  that  Reich  eared  its  reputation  as  a  formidable  fighting  division. Battle  honours  and Knights   cross`s  were  earned  and  n June  1942   at  Hitlers behest  the  division was  renamed  SS panzergrenadier division   Das  Reich.

After tiem in  Vichy   France  the  Division was  sent  back  to Russia in January  1943.  Following the brutal campaigns  in  the  East  Das  Reich  were  relocated  to Normandy.  They ended  the  war  fighting  the  retreat  back  from  vienna.

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