SS Leibstandarte`Adolf Hitler` officers tunic

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SS Leibstandarte `Adolf Hitler` M32 officers Tunic Set . A fantastic offer from militaria-net. An officers tunic complete with insignia. Set includes:- SS service tunic in wool, Single Shoulder board, ss Haupsturmfuhrer collar tabs in bullion, SS LAH cuff title in bullion. A very accurate copy in high quality heavy black wool to provide the best fit possible. With pebbled silver buttons, silver piping to collar, belt loops and internal dagger hanger. Suit collectors, reenactors, and film companies. Their are many of these for sale online but this is the best wool we have seen soft and a nice weight. Others we have seen were made from  rough cheap wool, not really suitable for an officer.

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SS Leibstandarte `Adolf Hitler` M32 officers Tunic Set .


S=Chest 38″ ,97cm

M=Chest 40″, 102cm

L=Chest 42″, 107cm

XL=Chest 44″, 112cm

XXL=Chest 46″, 117cm

XXXL=Chest 48″ 122cm


S=waist 32″, 81cm

M=waist 34″, 86cM

L=waist 36″ , 91cm

XL= waist 38″, 97cm

XXL=waist 40″, 102cm

XXXL=waist42″, 107cm

The  Schutzstaffel (SS)

The  Schutzstaffel (SS) were the  elite guard  of  the Third  Reich. Formed in 1925 as  a small  bodyguard to protect  Hitler.  It  remained  in this  capacity until Heinrich Himmler  took  charge in 1929. So under his jurisdiction  it  grew  to an enormous organisation. Also It became  very powerful. Its co-opted  national police forces, Security, intelligence and business. Eventually  the SS developed is  own branch  of  the Wehrmacht, the  Waffen SS (armed  SS).  From the beginning members  were chosen for  their physical and mental  ability and also there  character. Entry  was  from  21  years  of  age  followed by 18 months probationary period.  The  SS eventually   reflected  Himmlers  esoteric interests  and encompassed  quasi religious  ceremonies  and beliefs.  From 1945  it  was  classed  as a criminal organisation.

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 6 cm

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  1. Thomas Dall (verified owner)

    Sturdy reproduction garment.

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