SS Panzer Wrap with insignia

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SS panzer wrap.  An exclusive offer from Militaria Net. A  fantastic  panzer  jacket. Comes with shoulder boards,SS  runes  collar  tabs and SS  Sleeve  eagle.

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SS Panzer Wrap with insignia.Enlisted mans rank. Correct SS cut in quality smooth black wool( see pic, hard to capture the quality of the wool but its nice and smooth not like the rough, nasty fabric available elsewhere). Partial black cotton twill inner with ties( see pic)Set includes, fine quality SS enlisted mans collar tabs and sleeve eagle. You can also choose from a selection of cuff titles to be added.


S=Chest 38″ ,97cm

M=Chest 40″, 102cm

L=Chest 42″, 107cm

XL=Chest 44″, 112cm

XXL=Chest 46″, 117cm

XXXL=Chest 48″ 122cm


S=waist 32″, 81cm

M=waist 34″, 86cM

L=waist 36″ , 91cm

XL= waist 38″, 97cm

XXL=waist 40″, 102cm

XXXL=waist42″, 107cm

History and product  details

Development the  SS panzer  jackets  started in  1949. Before  this  SS units  were issued  with the Army  version. Modifications  were  complete  by early  1941.  The  SS  panzer  wrap  featured  a more  rounded  collar  and a vertical front opening. Also it  featured  a single  panel to the  reverse.  These   changes  to the Heer  version  were   quite  noticeable  and gave  the  SS panzer  jackets  a distinctive  look.  The  wrap   featured   black  plastic  buttons  to the  collar which enabled  the  wrap  to be button  up  and closed  at the top via a metal eyelet. The lining were partially lined  with  grey cotton  twill. But Later  in the  war  this  was  replaced  with  black rayon, a type of artificial silk  because  of war shortages.

There  were a few manufacture  variations  made  during  the  war  but  the pattern  remained  basically  the same . Interestingly  the  Field  grey  SS  assault  gunners  wrap preceded  the Black panzer  wrap. Collar  insignia  was   standard  SS  runic   collar  tabs in cotton, some  very early  issue  were surrounded  by  rose pink piping. The SS  emblem(  eagle  and  swastika)  was  stitched  to the left  sleeve. This  was  the grey thread   variety. Black wool  shoulder boards(Schulterklappen) with  rose  pink piping  complete the  jacket.

A Militaria Net SS LAH Panzer Wrap with insignia  offers  all the  features  of  an original jacket. Made  to our own high  standards

  • Vertical front flap/label SS   cut connects via four black plastic buttons (concealed )at the bottom and three smaller buttons at the top.
  • Quality   black wool with cotton  twill partial liner.
  • Rounded collar tips as per original cut.
  • On the other side of the front flap there are two small resin buttons which fasten onto two tabs on the liner of the tunic.
  • Collar has correct M36 style metal hook and loop fastener to the collar.
  • To the inside there is a cotton cords on each side to pull in and adjust the waist size
  • Side seams has four slits sewn to fit the belt support hooks in. These  are   stitched  and  can be opened  if  needed)
  • Inside pockets on the right and right chest offer a horizontal opening.
  • Reverse of the wrap over is constructed of  a single
  • Four darts two at the back and two at the front offer a great    These offer  our  wraps a  sharp fitted  appearance.
  • Grey cotton twill inner suspenders
  • SS  runic  collar  tabs
  • SS  cloth  sleeve  eagle
  • Iron cross  ribbon  2nd  class
  • SS RZM SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler cuff  title
  • SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler monogrammed shoulder  boards

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 6 cm


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