SS Stug trousers in wool

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SS Stug trousers. (STURMARTILLERIE feld hose). Very fine quality and cut. The wool is nice and soft with a good field grey colour.

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SS Stug trousers. Very fine quality and cut. Correct SS cut with scalloped pockets. All details reproduced.

SIZE GUIDE. S=Waist 81cm(32″) M=Waist 86cm(34″) L=Waist 91cm(36″) XL=Waist 96cm(38″) XXL=Waist 101cm(40″)

History and product  details

The  STURMARTILLERIE field  trousers   were  of  course  A  feld grau  version of the panzer black  wool trousers  and  were based on  ski trousers   from  the pre war period.  A similar  cut to  these  ski trousers   was  used with  a comfortable  loose  fit. The  trousers  had two slanted  pockets  to the hip  with scalloped  flaps  secured  by  a single black plastic button.   The  waffen  SS  version  had  different  shaped  pocket  flaps  with  abroad inwards scallop held  with  tow plastic buttons. But  all patterns  were used  by  both the  Heer and  the  Waffen SS.   This  happened with most uniforms  during the  war and its important not to  take  a black and white perspective  on whats  correct and what is not. Wartime  expediency  took priority.

A   watch pocket  was also  featured  to the  front between  the pocket  and the  fly. Five  small  buttons  secured  the fly. The  trouser legs were  tapered given a  bloused effect  when  worn with   a pair  of  low  boots. There  were a  few variations to the ankle configuration with  most coming  with  foot  ties and stirrups.  These helped in holding  the bloused  cuffs inside  the ankle  boots. Most  SS stug trousers  were issued  without an internal  belt  and  featured   belt loops to hold  a  regular  trousers  belt.

Militaria Net SS Stug trousers  offers  all the  features  of  an original set. Made  to our own high  standards

  • Quality  field  grey wool
  • Correct full cut for  blouse  effect
  • Two  slanted  button pockets
  • Loops  for  trouser  belt
  • Tapered ankles
  • Cotton  foot  stirrups

Additional information

Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 6 cm


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