SS Totenkopf cap badge `Sonnderklasse`

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SS Totenkopf cap badge.  A  stunning heavy duty SS deaths head  cap  badge. Maker  marked.  This item  is `Sonnderklasse`  see  below.

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Sonnderklasse   `special  quality`

SS Totenkopf cap badge- `Sonnderklasse`. ALL sonnderklasse items are made in Europe.  Most  are  from a single manufacturer  based in western Europe with a  smaller amount  made in  eastern Europe. The award boxes  are made in England. Many  of these  badges   are made  using  the original dies (or  remakes  of  them)  and tools which were bought from the factories  when  they closed, mostly in  the  1960`s  and 70`s.  Even some  of the original  flaws  have being  preserved to gain  the highest  level of authenticity.  The  old metals  like  nickel  and , Zinc and kriegsmetal   are not  really  possible  to recreate   so substitute metals  of similar  properties  and weights  are used.

Pins  and  catches.  All  Sonnderklasse  items  have  very strong  pins  and catches,  like the originals  they  are very hard  to break.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm