Mamatschi..! Songs of Mimi Thoma

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13 Tracks of Mimi Thoma’s most Famous Wistful & Moody Songs



Songs of Mimi Thoma. 13 Tracks of Mimi Thoma’s most Famous Wistful & Moody Songs
Born in Munich in 1909, Mimi Thoma originally began her career working in the nursing profession, with long-terms plans to specialise in Paediatrics, however as a very talented amateur singer in her spare time, she was soon discovered in the 1930s when performing part-time in some of the many small nightclubs that were dotted around her city.

With a wonderfully wistful & moody delivery, very much en vogue in the pre-war German cabaret scene, she soon built up a massive following across Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, so ranking her alongside the likes of simiar but more famous singers, Lale Andersen & Zarah Leander. Promoted on all the concert-hall bill-boards as: ‘A voice that everyone knows’.. Mimi became a great favourite with the Nazi propagandists and as such was variously signed to the German Grammophon, Telefunken & Polydor recording labels during her singing career and also found herself acting in several Berlin-produced movie-musicals later on in the war.

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