Swords & Oakleaves ` Silver Plated`

£ 24.99

Swords & Oakleaves  in 925. Silver Plate.  Super  quality.  Made in Germany  using  the original  tools. Perfect   addition   to our special quality Knights  cross.  This item is sonnderklasse  see below…


SONNDERKLASSE   `special  quality`

All sonnderklasse  items are made in Europe.  Many  of these  badges/awards  are made  using  the original moulds (or  remakes  of  them)  and tools which were bought from the factories  when  they closed, mostly in  the  1960`s  and 70`s.  Even some of the original flaws have being preserved to gain the highest level of authenticity.  The  old metals  like  nickel  and zinc and kriegsmetal  are not really possible to recreate  so metals  of similar  properties  and weights  are used.   All pins and catches are accurate  for each  badge  and made using  the original tools.  They are also very strong.  These are museum quality reproductions as close to an original as you can get for a fraction of the price.