WW2 German Anti-Partisan Badge

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SS Anti Partisan Badge for the German army in bronze, silver and awarded for 150 days of anti partisan actions. Issued mostly to Waffen SS members but on occasions to Army(Heer) personnel too. More information below.

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WW2 German Anti-Partisan Badge.

A quality WW2 German Anti-Partisan Badge. Fine die stamped reproduction of this rare award. Correct cut out design and wide pin to the reverse. Available in bronze silver and gold. All  badges  are  hand  finished  to provide  nice  highlights. The  Anti-Partisan Badges(German Bandenkampfabzeichen. The literal translation is  Bandit-fight badge.  also  know  as  the Guerrilla Warfare Badge) were instituted in January, 1944, as a Waffen S.S. and Police award. However is was available to other members of  the armed  services.

Himmler  himself  was involved in the  design of  the badge. Which feature a skull and crossed bones to the base.  The  standard  laurel wreath of oak leaves borders  the sides with a sword in the center. On the sword’s handle is  the sun-wheel swastika. With  theatrical effect  with the blade pierces  the five headed Hydra.   This  is  symbolic  of  the  partisans. Two versions of the badge exist.  One been a  solid  badge  and  the other  hollow  backed. The   designs  are  the  same  but  some proportions  differ  a little.  Both narrow  pins  and  coke  bottles pins  can be  found.  This  is  a highly  faked badge and examples  are  very rare. Only  buy  from a  very trusted  dealer, never  from an online auction.

It is  easy to spot  Himmlers  esoteric influence. The  use  of symbolic mythological imagery  and the  National socialist belief  in eternal struggle. The  sword  and  swastika, defeating  the malevolent  reptilian beast   recalls the legend of   George  and  the  dragon .

The badge was issued in three grades:

Bronze, for 20  partisan engagements
Silver, for 50 partisan engagements
Gold, for 150 partisan engagements

Luftwaffe Members were   also  allowed  to be  awarded  the anti-partisan badge for flights in support  of  operations. The tcritiea   was a little different..

Bronze, for 30  partisan engagements
Silver, for 70 partisan engagements
Gold, for 150 partisan engagements



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