WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak Badge

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WW2 German Luftwaffe flak badge. A super Luftwaffe flak badge featuring a very nice flak gun and detailed eagle.



WW2 German Luftwaffe flak badge( Flak – Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe)A super quality badge for the collector with correct pin and fine casting. Note the maker mark WH(wilhelm hobacher,Vienna). Our antique WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak Badge was awarded to members of all Flak units responsible for shooting down at least five enemy planes. Original Flak badges are quite rare and demand a high price. This Luftwaffe Flak Badge is a quality affordable reproduction.

WW2 German Luftwaffe Flak badge. Historical Information

The  German army  did not have any flak units  at the  start of  the war. These  were introduced  in 1940. Herman  Goring  instituted  the  Heer flak badge on 10th January 1941.

The badge was  designed by Berlin  firm of Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus, who produced  many war  badges. It  consisted of  an oval disk measuring. A wreath of five oak leaves runs around each side of the award. Inside the wreath is a large anti-aircraft gun.

The reverse hardware  consists  of a  vertical pin system.  the hinge is soldered, riveted  or  crimped into place.  A  variety of combinations  were used. The  same  applies  to the  catch  top hold the  pin. All know examples  were die stamped  zinc with a  silver  wash  which  quickly  vanished . As usual the  later examples  were  cast  from kriegsmetal.  The  design is powerful and  the badge is  a fairly collectable  item and quite  expensive.

The  award  regulations  were quite  complicated and  the  award  was considered  a group achievement  not  an individual action.  It become  very cumbersome  after  1942  when a points  system was introduced.

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