WW2 German Panzer assault badge in silver

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WW2 German Panzer assault badge in silver, panzer badge for tank crews.Hand  finished  to provide  nice  highlights.

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WW2 German Panzer assault badge in silver. Great copy with good definition,  narrow pin and makers marks `AS in triangle`. Note the good detail to the eagles head often a weakness in reproduction badges.  The Panzer assault Badge was awarded for panzer personnel who engaged in armoured assaults.

WW2 German Panzer assault badge in silver.  Historical Information

The panzerkampfabzeichen was  first introduced  after  the  invasion  of  Poland 1st  sept  1939. It was  one the  first  of  a series  of  war badges  awarded   for   achievements  during  combat

The  silver  grade  was the first issued 20th  December  1939  following by  the  bronze  .  Both of these  grades  are  equal ,  the  difference being  the based  solely on  the branch of  service. The  design  follows on from previous  version   from  the  first world  war  and also the  Spanish  cival war. It was   available for Officers, NCO`s and enlisted  men. The Bronze  grade was   awarded  for motorized/ reconnaissance  units and  holds  exactly  the  same  status.

The original design was  by  C. E. Junker of Berlin. It is comprised of  an oval design and  an oak leaves on each side  and a stylized  bow at the  bottom. To the top is the German  national eagle holding a  swastika in its  claws. To the  centre is a stylized  Panzer  with features  of  the Mark 3 and  4.. The reverse hardware  consists  of a  vertical pin system.  the hinge is soldered, riveted  or  crimped into place.  A  variety of combinations  were used. The  same  applies  to the  catch  top hold the  pin. Early examples  were often  die stamped in silver  but  soon replaced  by  massive  stamped zinc  based  badges. As  usual the  later examples  were  cast  from kriegsmetal. badges were made of silver-plate and the later ones were made of zinc.

The “bronze” version was actually made of a “metal alloy”.  Many  badges  were unmarked  and named  badges  should not  be taken  as original.  Many companies  were  employed  in  the manufacture of  these  badges.

The  silver  grade award  regulations  are  as  follows

  • Participated in three assaults
  • On three different days
  • Engaged in  recovery  of  vehicles or personnel

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