SS Totenkopf HBT summer tunic

Here is tunic we recently did for a customer. An interesting variation on the Herringbone twill summer tunic issued to both Heer and Waffen SS troops. Its very rare to find an original HBT tunic with a cuff title. The tunics were issued at the start of summer campaigns and towards autumn all surviving tunics were handed back and insignia removed. The tunics were then washed and stored for re-issue the following year. Basically the summer uniforms were on loan. This is why originals are often found with little or no insignia and also short and tight fitting due to shrinkage in the washing process. I had to pleasure of seeing a collection of HBT tunics in Normandy some years ago and was amazed at the colour variation due to certain dies resisting the washing process more than others, several were bright blue/cyan colour due to the yellow pigment washing out.

If you are interested in buying our HBT tunics and adding insignia just add the badges and to the cart. Then add the sewing service for each badge.

SS Totenkopf HBT tunic supplied by Militaria Net
SS Double totenkopf(skull) enlisted mans collar tabs